Have You Been Told You Are Too Old... Too Independent...Too Strong...to Attract a Man Who Will Love the Real You?


After 22 years of being single, at the age of 59, I married my soulmate Kevin!
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Why is a Beautiful Woman Like You Still Single?

How Many Times Have You Been Asked This Embarrasing Question?


Dream Coach

Barbara Magro Berg

From the outside, it looked like I had created a dream life with a successful career in the travel publishing industry that included frequent international trips, many wonderful friends, and a close family. Yet on the inside, something was missing and I yearned for a special man to share my life with. After I had been encouraged for many years to “give up on finding love” and appreciate the positive aspects my life already held, at the age of 59, my heartfelt dream of marrying my soulmate came true. My desire to love and be loved was achieved by mastering a set of scientific and spiritual principles. I designed this course from my personal experience and is for those women, who believe they have “tried it all” and are tired of living life vacillating between being disappointed and recovering from another heartbreak. I am eager to share the precise tools I used, from all that I learned in my soulmate search, to help you discover and remove the beliefs and habits that are in your way so that you too can attract the love you have been searching for your entire life.

Do You Want to Finally Understand ...

  • What the constant discouragement is trying to tell you?

  • How to think in a certain way so you can avoid feeling disappointed?

  • How gratitude can raise your love vibration even if you've been single a long time?

  • Why you never heard from him again after an amazing sexual encounter?

  • The one rule to follow to avoid heartache and to stop investing time in hopeless relationships?

  • How to stop settling and own what you truly desire?

  • Why when a good man shows up you find yourself sabotaging the opportunity?

  • The true secret to effortlessly attract your ideal soulmate

Are You Still Searching For Your Prince?

Then Don't Wait Any Longer!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Welcome from Barbara, the Creator of The Science of Attracting Your Soulmate

    • Before We Begin...Let's Pause and See Where You Currently Stand

    • The Science of Attracting Your Soulmate Guided Meditation - Downloadable Resource

  • 2

    Getting Ready to Receive the Love of Your Life - Module 1

    • Welcome to Finally Fulfilling Your Heart's Desire - Lesson 1

    • Committing to Your True Heart's Desire - Lesson 2

    • Sustaining a High Love Vibration -Lesson 3

    • Drawing Love to You by Applying Scientific Principles - Lesson 4

    • Falling In Love With You - Lesson 5

  • 3

    Cut the Crap & Clear the Blockages - Module 2

    • Barbara's Thoughts: Cut the Crap & Clear the Blockages

    • Love is Your Divine Right - Lesson 1

    • Mirror Mirror On the Wall - Lesson 2

    • The Magic of Becoming Aligned - Lesson 3

    • The Secret to Raising Your Love Vibration - Lesson 4

    • Clearing Your Deceptive Subconscious Beliefs - Lesson 5

  • 4

    Embracing Love's Presence - Module 3

    • Barbara's Thoughts: Embracing Love's Presence

    • Crafting Your Vision Statement to Attract Your Soulmate - Lesson 1

    • Thinking in a Certain Way - Lesson 2

    • Relax to Attract and Act in a Certain Way - Lesson 3

    • Sex and the Single Life - Lesson 4

    • Filling the Void by Making Space - Lesson 5

  • 5

    Magnetizing Your Soulmate to You - Module 4

    • Barbara's Thoughts: Magnetizing Your Soulmate to You

    • Nurture Your Soul with Spiritual Practices - Lesson 1

    • Revealing Secrets From a Man's Point of View - Lesson 2

    • Empowering Your Dream Through a Vision Board - Lesson 3

    • Transforming Your Dating Disappointments Into Delight - Lesson 4

    • Creating Your Happily Ever After - Lesson 5

  • 6

    Next steps

    • Congratulations! Hear a Personal Message from Your Guide Barbara

    • Before You Go

    • As a Final Step ...Let's Pause and Measure Your Progress!

Hear Secrets From a Man's Point of View

Kevin Berg, Barbara's Soulmate Empowers You

Learn what the biggest attraction factor is for a man; understand the #1 reason why men want more of you; hear about the foreplay men prefer that results in feeling bonded as a couple!

Join Us Today to Begin Attracting Your Soulmate With Ease!

Mastermind Guest Experts to Release What Traps You!

Trauma, Narcissism, Emotional Resistance

  • Trauma Recovery Specialist/Award Nominated Author - Michele Rosenthal

    Michelle discusses how trauma can block you from receiving love and shares ways to heal so your heart and soul are open to receiving. A trauma and PTSD survivor herself, Michele Rosenthal struggled with PTSD for almost 30 years. She affectionately calls her recovery process a “healing rampage.” It worked: Michele achieved 100% recovery! Now, almost fifteen years later she remains symptom-free and dedicates her career to creating customized concierge trauma recovery programs for mid-life professionals who want to experience emotional control, confidence, and calm. Learn more at www.MyTraumaCoach.com

  • Emotional Resistance Expert Educator -Personal Intuition Coach - Jodi Hinkle

    Jodi assists you in identifying the precise next steps to move beyond emotional barriers that prevent you from receiving true love. Educator, Life Coach & Business Strategist, Jodi Hinkle guides women how to reach beyond what they already know and discover how to revel in the pleasure of daily life. As the Founder of HerQuest.Net, she guides women through transitions by reacquainting them with the guidance of their personal emotions. By embracing the value of the unique personal journey that led to their “now,” each woman can identify the precise next steps to move them through emotional barriers and forward with life. Learn more at www.HerQuest.net

Scroll to See What Women Are Saying About this Course!

Revealing My Blind Spot!

Tasha Chen, Mindset & Money Manifesting Coach, Stuart Florida

"It’s superb in delivery and content! The Love Bathing idea has my desires turned up for my guy so I can have this experience, The WOW when I wrote out how my relationships ended and how sex played out in them – patterns like numbers tell the truth, and once seen cannot be forgotten. Grateful as well for the truth that my past holds no power over me,it just offers me awareness. And Oxytocin! Need I say more!”

Dancing With Our Choices!

Dee Agostinoni, Realtor, Dana Point CA

“Deep work. Interesting to really go through past relationships and clearly see the patterns of choice and the dance we do…your voice and delivery of the lessons is full of loving guidance.”

Shut Down My Heart!

Margo Esposito, Corporate Hotel Sales Executive, Fort Lauderdale FL

I wish I had this insight years ago but now is the RIGHT TIME for me. I mostly related to the Lesson “Sex & the Single Life”. After many years of disappointments of not meeting the right one, I see how I shut down my heart to keep myself from being vulnerable. Your advice is so honest, pure and most appreciated. By loving and honoring myself, I will not invest too much of myself emotionally with any man not in alignment with me. That spoke volumes for me.”

So Much Clarity!

Sarah Ross, Burnout Prevention Strategist, Mentor, Speaker, Oxford England

“No matter where you are in your search for your soulmate, this course will help you get there quicker and remove the blocks that you may actually be putting in the way of your own happiness! Got so much clarity from the process, and Barbara’s guidance and support were amazing. Give your heart the greatest gift and sign up for this beautiful experience now!”

Discover the Power of You!

Tonia Chandler, Pediatrician & Teacher, San Antonio TX

“The Science of Attracting Your Soulmate may focus on your love life, but it is much more than a “matchmaking” course. It is a journey of discovery on self-love, self-respect, and the power of YOU. It’s also tons of fun!”

I Have Been Released From All Soul Ties and Connections!

Dawn Komlijenovic, Wellness Professional, High Point NC

"Your wisdom is going to help so many who are looking to spend the rest of their lives with their soulmate! I had shut down for so long, at first, I had a hard time picturing my soulmate with me. I kept picturing beautiful memories from past relationships. Once I completed Module 2, the difficulty disappeared! I have been released from all soul ties and connections!"

A False Story About Being Unworthy!

Karen Gerner, Health Insurance Advisor - Venice, FL

"This course was awesome! It helped me heal false beliefs I have been holding on to about myself. I realized my past failed relationships, and some of what I learned growing up, created a false story in my mind about my unworthiness. I now realize that I am worthy of love and look forward to meeting my Soulmate! I now know he is looking for me too and when the timing is right, the Universe will bring him to me with ease and Grace, and for that I am eternally Grateful."

Tackles the Blockages to Love!

Rima Zaitoon, Chief Director of Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“How refreshing to have a course which tackles the blockages that are preventing us from having a loving relationship. I am a good-looking person, but don’t seem to attract men or the right man into my life. I devoured each and every word as it addresses real life issues and provides simple solutions that lead to the right path to a happy peaceful life with our loving soulmate. I feel a change from within with these new tools to apply.”

Spiritual Teachings Combined With Proven Psychological and Scientific Principles

Josanne Ryan, Media Professional, Sydney, Australia

“The content in The Science to Attracting Your Soulmate is fantastic and it blew me away! It provides the knowledge and tools to reconnect with your heart and shows how deep- seated beliefs and subconscious blocks could be preventing you from living life the way you desire and preventing you from finding the love you deserve. It helped me to refocus on my heart’s desire and break down the negative self-talk so I can move forward in all areas of my life where I have been stopped.

This Course Is the Solution You've Been Looking For If:

  • You have a habit of betraying yourself in relationships and end up settling for what you don't want.

  • You find yourself "pining over" past loves more than twice a week.

  • You are caught in a vicious cycle of suffering in silence and attracting unloving relationships.

  • You want to understand why chemistry is not enough to sustain a relationship long term.

  • You want to stop wasting time with the wrong men and recognize quickly who to move on from.

  • You want to stop feeling disappointed and start having fun with online dating.

  • You feel ready to take a stand for what you want and finally honor the yearnings of your heart.

  • You are ready to open the floodgate of love and allow your soulmate to find you.

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