If you could put one problem behind you what would that be?

Closing the gap between where you stand and what you want your life to feel like is a unique path. This course will guide you in becoming "nsync" with what you want, by beginning where you are and truly believing you are worth it.

Eliminate Barriers & Resistance to Change

  • Reveal Your Blind Spots

    We all have beliefs that actually disempower us. When these beliefs are blindspots, they impact every move you make without you even being aware of their influence. Once they are uncovered you can move beyond limitations like fear and self-doubt!

  • Know Your Warning Signs

    We become aware of our limiting beliefs by deliberately paying attention to our language. Whether thoughts in your mind or words as you speak, you can catch the warning signs to adjust your language and eliminate the negative influence of limitation.

  • Release Other People's Opinions

    As we share experiences with other people, we are exposed to and often influenced by their opinions. Embracing the fact that everyone has their own unique vantage point, and associated view of the world, will ease any angst you feel about prioritizing your own self-care plan.

What is in this for you?

Receiving the outcomes you desire!

We understand you have conflicting roles, responsibilities and, desires. You will soon know exactly where you have been extending your energy in ways that keep you feeling trapped.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Alot Has Happened But Not Much Has Changed – Until Now!

    • Illumination: The Many Faces of Reflection

    • How To Gauge Where You Currently Stand

    • The Positive Influence of Metrics in Achieving Personal Success

    • Where Did Your Personal Values Comes From?

    • ReMeasure Where You Stand Emotionally!

  • 3

    Who Am I Anyway?

    • The Superwoman Saga

    • How To Impact What You Want Every Time; No Matter What

    • Emotional Navigation - Release & Shift

    • Measure Your Progress Now!

  • 4

    Magnets, Momentum & Manifestation

    • Flex Your Manifestation Muscle

    • Behind the Science – Mastering Your Personal Manifestation Formula

    • Guidelines to Maximize the Impact of Positive Momentum

    • Congratulations!

Flex Your Manifestation Muscles

Emotions are Energy! You can choose to intentionally shift, release and foster the emotions that result in the life you want. You already have all you need except the key to understand the navigation manual. You will walk away from this workshop with both personal guidance and practical application tools.

Illuminate Yourself!

Explore Your Many Faces With Reflection

The intention you set while reflecting on life experiences is immediately influenced by your perspective. Our signature process diffuses any confusion or misunderstanding that may get in your way. With this "1, 2, 3, GO" process you will become a master in reflection and deliberately creating positive momentum so that you catapult your life forward.
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Goals Used to Perpetuate Failure...Until Now!

Hear Echo and Jodi Explain What You Will Overcome

Your Guides

A Unique Blend of Strategy & Solutions

Life Enhancement Strategist

Jodi Hinkle

Jodi Hinkle’s smile reflects her joy when guiding women on how to reach beyond what they already know and discover how to revel in the pleasure of daily life. As the Founder of HerQuest.Net, she guides women through transitions by reacquainting them with the guidance of their personal emotions. By embracing the value of the unique personal journey that led to their “now”, each woman can identify the precise next steps for them to move through emotional barriers and move forward with their lives. In addition, Jodi's 25+ years in business strategy is blended with a signature customer attraction and engagement system which is utilized in creating unique business alliances with other Entrepreneurs.

Solutions Expert & Risk Management Specialist

Echo Karras

As a Solutions Expert and Risk Management Specialist, with degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Law, Echo has a lifetime of experience in goal-setting and achievement. Echo's professional aspirations revolve around engaging her signature processes and systems within business solutions; while her personal success is the happiness she shares in the personal relationships she fosters.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Trust & Transformation Hand in Hand

Gina DioGiovanni

Echo has an intangible quality that powerfully exudes trust and Jodi feels like the essence of transformation. When blended together they create a synergy that is palpable!”

My eyes are WIDE open!

Renee Cuocco

These 2 ladies together work perfectly together to create an environment where you want to open both your eyes and your mind to take it all in!

Access to Dedicated "ME" Time!

Carla Mirabile

This workshop is a safe and comfortable opportunity to dedicated time for ME to set my intentions and create a path to actually receive the life I want!
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Why Now?

Who Do You Know That Isn't Questioning Everything Right Now?

Everything You Need to Launch Your Best Year Yet

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Victory Emerges From Your Mind

Ensure You Overcome Past Failures and Habits that Perpetuate Disappointments

Get in front of negative thoughts that feed habitual thinking so that you progress towards optimism and into the belief you deserve what you want.

Get practical tools that will raise your awareness and catch warning signs of impending emotional distress so that you don't fall off track.

Shift your attention into fostering positive energy within positive emotion so that you leverage positive momentum.

Regain your self-confidence and self-worth as you integrate a new understanding of how to navigate a life built on your dreams and desires.

Complimentary Support Session Included!  

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This virtual option provides the experiential learning option for you to apply what you learn immediately!

HerQuest offers many options to rediscover the joy you want; the love you desire; the life you seek!

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