Attract & Retain More Customers by Creating "Customer Synergy"

Customer Synergy = Being IN SYNC with Our Clients
  • Our Focus is Aligned
  • Our Intention is Clear
  • Our Path is Underway
  • Our Destination is within Sight

Customer Synergy = Where Our Purpose and Passion Lives and Breathes
  • Lives are Transformed
  • Solutions are Implemented
  • Growth is Achieved
  • Success is Felt by All

Customer Synergy = Knowing Critical Factors About Your Ideal Client
Imagine how thrilled you and your customers will feel when you:
Tap Into the Power of HerQuest's Emotional Awareness Techniques So That Your Customer's Not Only Become Engaged ... They STAY Engaged!


Now It's Your Turn!
Move Your Business to New Heights 
Creating Customer Synergy

Jodi Guides You Through the 4-Step Process to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Create Raving Fans! ​

  1. Step 1 - Create the Connection Through a Series of "Cause & Effect" Experiences
  2. Step 2 - Demonstrate the Outcome So That They Clearly See The Desired Result for Themselves in Working with You
  3. Step 3 - Navigate the Journey & Absorb the Value in Their Unique Path with You
  4. Step 4 - Gather, Conclude & Share Your Thoughts for your Personal Application & Integration Session with Jodi
Through this proven process every client feels heard and understood so that they reach their desired destination with incremental, progressive steps. 

As you celebrate their success, you surpass mere customer satisfaction and reach customer loyalty.

And then, you will bask in the joy, appreciation, and direct referrals!

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The Customer Synergy Success System
Your 4-Step Proven Process to Easily Attracting & Retaining Your Ideal Clients & Ongoing Referrals

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Jodi is a seasoned Business Development Strategist who has finely tuned her ability to assess, develop and design collaborative business solutions. With 20 years in corporate America, Jodi has transitioned her leadership to fostering collective alliances among women entrepreneurs. Eager to blend customer engagement strategies among aligned businesses, Jodi guides business owners, who want to leverage their expertise to even more success, through an assessment and enhancement of their Customer Engagement Systems.